3 Tips For Healthy Summer Plants

Now that summer rays are really beaming down, it is essential to know how to keep your plants healthy and aid them in the struggle to resist the soaring temperatures. Leafscape specializes in the care of a variety of tropical plants and in creating green spaces by bringing the outdoors in as well as keeping exteriors envy-worthy. We want to share a few tips with you on how to make sure your plants also have a fun summer.

Sun and Shade

Plants also want to work on their summer tan, but they do not want a sunburn. Both indoor and shade-loving outdoor plants need to have some sun, the trick is, not too much.  Springtime is a great time to move your indoor plants to a shady outdoor location.  A spot that gets a couple of hours of morning sun is best.  Gradually moving your tropical house plants outdoors or under covered patios is a great way to change up your home design and is also great for your plant’s health. The trick is to keep an eye on their sun exposure as the sun changes its course and the summer heat increases.  While there are some plants that are well adapted to high temperatures and drought conditions, plants that are tropical cannot tolerate the extremes of a summer heatwave.

Hydrated and Happy 

Now that summer rays are really beaming down, it is essential to know how to keep your plants hydrated and healthy, and a healthy plant is a happy plant. It is best to water your plants early in the morning or in the evening so that the water has a chance to soak into the soil. If you water your plants while the sun is high in the sky,  chances are your plant is not going to have a chance to soak up the needed drink before it evaporates and your plant will be left thirsty. Water deeply and give the water a chance to really sink down into the pot.  It’ll also be important to keep an eye on your plants and increase the watering frequency as the heat increases and rain changes decrease.

No Re-poting 

While it may be tempting to change your pot the way a crab changes its shell, it is never a good idea to make the transition during a heatwave. Your plant needs all the energy it has to focus on surviving the hottest months. The additional energy required for a plant to successfully adapt to a new pot can over exhaust and kill the plant.

Want the Plants but Not The Trouble?

Do you wish you had some plants to keep your surroundings green during the summer, but the heat has got you beat? We can save you the trouble and you can let us design, plant, and care for your interior or exterior plantscape. Leafscape offers not only a variety of tropical plants, but also a variety of containers and pots to choose from. We can also work with what you have! To find out more, contact us or click here for a quote and get started today!

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