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PLANTation Services Changes Name to Leafscape, Inc.
State’s leader in indoor landscaping unveils fresh look after 40 years in business

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Feb. 2, 2021) – Owner and President Robin Connell announced today the re-branding of PLANTation Services, to Leafscape. “When I purchased the company 10 years ago, our focus was interiorscaping,” said Connell. “Over the past decade, we have increased our offerings to include exterior botanical design and maintenance, holiday décor, living walls, and moss walls — as well as rental options for all products. The rebranding reflects our growth and renewal as we continue into our 41st year of operation. We are passionate about creating custom ‘Leafscapes’, bringing life to all spaces, and our new name helps us tell that story.”

“Our team was drawn to the word ‘leaf’ in the branding exploration process. ‘Leaf’ is a noun, but it is also a verb,” Connell explained. “When plants ‘leaf’ they are putting on new growth, and when my team and I care for plants we quite literally ‘leaf’ through to clean and inspect them. Paired with the word ‘scape’ — a curated scene — ‘Leafscape’ communicates our mission and speaks of our robust and creative botanical offerings.”

Leafscape customers will see our re-branding, but we also hope they will see our renewed commitment to premier service. Creativity and botanical design, product long-term and short-term rentals and reliable care will be continued services offered by the Leafscape team for interior and exterior spaces, special events, and custom installations.

About Leafscape

Over the past 40 years, Leafscape built a legacy as the leading interiorscaper for corporate and commercial clients across Central Arkansas. Other services offered include exterior botanical design and maintenance, holiday decor, living walls, moss walls, wedding, and event installations. Most recently, the company has expanded its interior plant service offering area to address design, installation, and service to clients in Northwest Arkansas. Live plants help to clean the air and promote wellness in the workplace. The company’s plant care specialists provide expertise, care, and maintenance needed to make each space come to life.

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