Add Live Plants to Give Your Special Day an Extra Touch of Beautiful

Planning a wedding is extremely stressful. You’re thinking about the ceremony, your food and, most importantly, your decor. You want a setting that will be just as beautiful as you are. But often, venues can feel bare and commercial instead of welcoming.

That’s where we come in. At Leafscape, we know the power of lush greenery. We want to work with you and with your florist for a cohesive decoration that takes your wedding from average to extraordinary.

We love the idea of brides using a backdrop of plants for the ceremony. We can use both tall and short greenery to make a beautiful frame for the bride and groom, and we can combine all sorts of plants for the look you want. Do you want exotic spiky fronds or broad soft leaves? Your wedding can feel like an exotic getaway or a secret garden, and the pictures will look amazing.

We also love to help brides choose the right plants for a reception venue. Often, brides feel that they have to transform the room into something personalized and magical. Bring your outdoors theme inside with some live plants. We have a wide variety of baskets, pots and other containers so that the plants will compliment your other decoration.

Florists are an essential part of wedding decoration, but there are some things they cannot provide. If you want a large-scale, large-impact effect, accenting live plants can achieve that better than just using centerpieces. Plus, rest assured that we will deliver the plants for your day to your chosen venue, and return to pick them up after your event.

Leafscape understands that a wedding entails a lot of people working together to make an amazing and memorable day. Bring life to your special day with live and lush tropical plants. Contact Leafscape to help you transform your event into an atmosphere that looks and feels good.