Bromeliad Briefing

Bromeliads are a very striking and durable blooming houseplant; unfortunately, they are often overlooked. The bromeliad’s family classification, Bromeliaceae, are one of the most colorful of all the plant families in terms of foliage and flower, coming in an unbelievable variety of colors; some are nearly fluorescent, and many are unique among the plant kingdom.

Biology of Bromeliads

Bromeliads are one of the largest and most diverse families in the plant kingdom. Bromeliaceae has more than 3,000 species and hundreds of varieties and is native to the Americas. These seed plants, vary in size, structure and color. The stalks have strong, leaf-like petals, which are all alike, so the rosettes and the parallel veined leaves with scales are identifying factors. Scales are what distinguish bromeliads, making them a very unique feature. The most distinctive characteristic of bromeliads is the presence of trichomes. Trichomes allow the leaves to collect water, and the scales on the leaves allow the plant to absorb atmospheric humidity, as well as some nutrients.

Biosphere of Bromeliads

The southern U.S. has many native bromeliads that are protected by conservation laws. In nature, many bromeliads grow on trees or rocks as epiphytes (air plants). Spanish moss is the oldest known bromeliad and is indigenous to the South. Its roots are used mainly for support; it is not considered a parasite. Other bromeliads are terrestrials – growing on the ground and obtaining nutrients from their roots.

Bromeliads are a great choice as flowering and foliage plants for interiorscaping due to their hardy makeup. The Guzmania genus of bromeliad is ranked highest in popularity as an interior plant for its bright colors and striking aesthetic. The Aechmea, Neoregelia and Vriesea are three of our other favorite genuses to use in the indoors. Interested in bromeliads? Call Leafscape today! The Green Team can create the bold bromeliad interior plantscape of your dreams.

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