Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week!

Celebrating National Indoor Plant Week!

Here at Leafscape, every week is Indoor Plant Week! Nationally, it only happens once a year during September. Robin Connell, indoor plant expert and owner of Leafscape, shares her Top 5 favorite indoor plants in honor of this very special week.

Robin has a whimsical eye and is drawn to plants with lots of personality, be it funky shapes or resilient natures. Check out her Top 5 favorite indoor plants:

Ming Aralia

Photo courtesy of www.gardenanalyst.com

“I love the Ming Aralia for its unique look and delicate leaves. The plant needs to stay moist at all times, but is really pretty easygoing. It will require some occasional pruning but provides a lot of style to any space.”


Neoregelia Bromeliads  

Photo courtesy of www.thespruce.com


“Neoregelia bromeliads are super colorful! They come in many varieties and will hold their color for the longest time of any bromeliad. This specific type of bromeliad is the largest variety. Many Neos have spines on the edges of their leaves so they should be handled carefully. There are new varieties that have come out recently that are spineless though!”

Ponytail Palm

Photo courtesy of myplantopia.com


“The ponytail palm is just such a fun plant! It’s obvious where the name comes from, and the sleek, curled leaves make for a beautiful indoor plant. Technically, this palm is a succulent and stores water in its trunk. This resilient plant is easy to love.”

Rhapis Palm

Photo courtesy of www.plantz.com

“The rhapis palm is an elegant palm indoor plant. Its long, fanning leaves look like fingers, giving it the nickname of Lady Palm. They do well in low light, so they thrive indoors. Keep them away from drafts and avoid under watering, or you’ll end up with droopy leaves!”

Christmas Cactus

Photo courtesy of www.gardenloversclub.com

“It’s likely no surprise that this plant flowers in the winter months, and because it’s low maintenance, it makes an excellent gift. This plant blooms like crazy, too! The bright flowers are a festive touch to any space.”

At Leafscape, we love our indoor plants. It is our pleasure to care for your plants and keep your interiors beautiful and inviting. We know you have favorite plants, too! Let our Green Team care for your plants and keep them thriving year-round. Indoor plants are our specialty – come celebrate National Indoor Plant Week with us!