“Fall” in Love With Succulents

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Leaves are falling and winter is on its way, but you can still bring a splash of greenery to your home or office! Succulents are beautiful and, in general, are low maintenance but will require a brightly lit spot indoors.  The professionals at Leafscape are here to help you create a space as unique as you are.

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Popular Types of Succulents

When it comes to picking the perfect succulents, you have several options! There are over 100 varieties to choose from, and these beauties come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Some of the most popular types include:

Echeveria: These pretty rosettes have thick leaves and come in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are looking for a dazzling pop of color and a plant that is easy to grow (and multiplies like crazy), we highly recommend Echeverias.

Sedum: These lovely plants take on a ton of different looks and are known for their thick leaves and star-shaped flowers. Also called “stonecrops”, they can withstand extreme temperatures, poor soil and drought.  Some sedum do better indoors than others so be sure to educate yourself on the variety if you are buying for a specific spot.

Kalanchoe: These beautiful plants have scalloped leaves and some varieties produce bold flowers! They make for excellent gifts year-round and can be kept indoors or out. 

Jade Plant: These decorative plants have thick stems and vibrant oval-shaped leaves. They are thought to bring good luck to their owners and are sometimes given as housewarming gifts!

unique succulent designs for offices

Indoor Succulent Care

Guidelines for caring for your succulent will depend on its specific type, but some general care tips include:

  • Use a container with lots of drainage and well-draining soil: Make sure your planter has multiple holes for draining.
  • Pay attention to available sunlight: The majority of succulents prefer plenty of sunlight, so be sure to place them near a window and rotate them regularly.
  • Don’t overwater: The most common mistake that new succulent owners make is overwatering. Allow the potting mix to fully dry out before watering is key.  Many succulents can get by with just a light misting of water.  
  • Propagating:  Succulents can be easily propagated from leaves and stem cuttings! Investing in a starter plant will allow you to grow as many as you can possibly want.  Echeveria are especially easy to propagate. 
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Professional Plant Designers 

The experienced team at Leafscape is dedicated to helping you create beautiful interior or exterior plant and succulent designs. Whether you’re looking for office plant designs or beautiful seasonal arrangements, Leafscape is here to help you add more biophilic design to your space. Click here for a quote and see how we can help bring life to your space. 

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