Live-Plant Rental: The Easiest Way to Add WOW to Your Wedding

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be just perfect. But, with so many aspects to plan and coordinate, the job ahead can seem overwhelming. That’s where Leafscape can help! To put it simply, we are here to bring WOW to your wedding! Our highly skilled professional team not only provides WOW to commercial settings such as office, hotel, and hospitals, offering long-term plant rentals that includes guaranteed plant care. We also feature short-term special-event rentals that are perfectly suited to meet your wedding-day needs.

Why should you make plant rental a part of your wedding planning? Here are six fantastic reasons:

  1. Plants will enhance your wedding décor. Wherever your wedding celebration takes place – indoors or out – whether a small, intimate affair or a large, formal gathering, you and your guests will be surrounded by nature’s beauty: a beauty that will live, breathe, and naturally reflect the loveliness of your special day.
  2. Live plants make a wonderful complement to your wedding flowers. Whether you choose flowering plants, greenery, or both, our carefully selected plant displays will bring out the beauty of your bridal flowers, providing a subtle or dramatic variation on a theme.
  3. The beauty a live plant brings to the celebration of your marriage symbolizes the beauty of your relationship and the living, growing nature of your love for one another. Together with your wedding flowers, live plants offer the perfect expression of your marriage union.
  4. Plant rental gives you the best of both worlds: You’ll enjoy the beauty and vitality our healthy, vibrant plants bring to your wedding décor without having to purchase, transport, care for, set up, or take down these lovely decorative specimens. We handle all that for you.
  5. Leafscape also provides much-needed help with your wedding planning by offering professional input and creative suggestions that will inform your decorating decisions. We are more than happy to collaborate with your florist to help you design the perfect wedding décor.
  6. Plant rental is easy on your budget. Weddings can be expensive, and therefore anywhere you’re able to save money without sacrificing the beauty or uniqueness of your day is certain to be a welcome addition to your wedding planning.


At Leafscape, our goal is to help make your wedding the most beautiful, magical day possible, removing unnecessary stress so you’ll be free to enjoy your wedding day without worrying about the details.

From our proven success with office décor, which is built around our creative incorporation of office plants into any business environment, our office decorating skills easily translate to the special decorative flair we use to put the WOW into your wedding and reception. Leafscape looks forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients.

If you or someone you know is in need of an Arkansas live-plant rental service for a wedding or for their business, event, or home…give us a call at (888) 821-5770 or fill out our convenient online form. Let the plant professionals at Leafscape help you take your wedding or other decorative planning from “How?” to “WOW!”