Millennials and Their Houseplants: ‘Plant Babies,’ Health and Happiness

Last summer, Martha Stewart said millennials don’t have the “initiative” to grow a tomato plant. The 2016 National Gardening Survey begs to differ with the do-it-yourself guru. The report states that 6 million Americans newly groomed green thumbs in 2015. Of those new gardeners, five million were 18- to 34-year-olds.

Martha might be shocked to learn that 37 percent of millennials grow plants and herbs indoors compared to the 28 percent of her own Baby Boomer generation.

Aloe Vera • Image courtesy of Getty Images

Why are millennials growing green? Experts list a number of reasons. Millennials are less likely to own a home, often living with their parents or renting an apartment in the city with friends. With no yard (or youngsters) to tend, millennial gardeners are filling their indoor spaces with nature by becoming “plant parents” to succulents, birds of paradise, and aloe vera. These garden newbies have even (believe it or not!) successfully revived that beloved hobby – macramé – that took the 1970s by storm.

Macrame • Image courtesy of Design Rulz

Adding to the houseplant hoopla is the millennial enthusiasm for all things “healthy” and “happy.” Scientific Reports cites a Canadian study that determined people who live in areas with more trees report a significantly higher perception of healthiness and less heart-related health problems. Having that greenery around improves health considerably—researchers found having 10 more trees on a city block improves healthiness perceptions as much as a $10,000 increase in income, moving to a wealthier neighborhood or being seven years younger!

Looks like millennials are onto something with this houseplant craze. According to Psychology Today, you’ll feel happier and healthier if you keep and cultivate plants in your indoor spaces. (Not to mention maintaining houseplants improves air quality in your home.)

Succulent • Image courtesy of Getty Images

Another reason for the growing popularity of indoor gardening among this age group (other than happiness, clean air and having fresh herbs at the ready) is the social media appeal. Plants take good photos! Just check out these hashtags on Instagram if you’d like to see for yourself: #MonsteraMonday, #SansevieriaSunday, #PlantShelfie, #PlantsofInstagram.

Many of the plants millennials like to grow, we grow too! While we don’t offer macramé services, we are pretty hip and can design an interior plantscape for your event, office, restaurant or retail space that will be #PlantsofInstagram-worthy. Call the Green Team today!

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