Top 5 Indestructible Indoor Plants

It’s true: There are people out there that just have a brown thumb. Their bad past experiences keep them away from green things. Here at Leafscape, we know there are clients who need a more resilient indoor plant, so we wanted to share our Top 5 practically indestructible plants with you! If even these hardy plants scare you, give our Green Team a call and we will keep those plants thriving – and you can take all the credit!


1. Epipremnum areum (Pothos)

These decorative crawlers make for amazing houseplants. Pothos tend to be extremely fast growers if kept in the right conditions and they oftentimes will let you know exactly what they need. They have very little trouble adapting to indoor and shady outdoor spaces, so they can adjust to whatever spot you choose. They, of course, are tropical though and will only survive outdoors in Zones 10-11. Indoors, just give them some indirect sunlight, and a little water when the top of the soil is dry.

2. Pachira aquatica (Money Tree)

Source: PerfectPlants.co.uk

Who said that money doesn’t grow on trees? The money tree plant gets its name because the feng shui practice believes it will bring luck to whomever owns this plant. Water it weekly and help it thrive by putting it in direct or partial sunlight. Try planting it in peat moss with some gritty sand for good drainage for the best results.

3. Dracaena sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo)

 Source: GivingPlants.com

Speaking of feng shui, are you looking for a little bit of balance in your life? Well, look no further! The lucky bamboo is the perfect addition to any home or office space. A narrow glass jar, some rocks and water are all you need to ensure that your bamboo plant lives a long life. These plants make for beautiful decor pieces and do best in low, indirect sunlight. They require little daily maintenance (make sure they don’t run out of water!) and will likely withstand a brown thumb for the plant lover who tends to over-love their plants.

4. Zamia zamifolia (ZZ Plant)

Source: MyCityPlants.com

These are so easy to take care of that you can leave them in the dark (you know, to catch some Zs). This plant doesn’t require much water at all. So, for the plant lover who tends to kill their plants because of underwater, this plant is for you! The ZZ plant may not be the fastest growing plant, but if you are looking for something close to indestructible, it may be the one for you!

5. Sanseveria (Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant)

The Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plant can be neglected for weeks at a time. These plants can survive low-light levels, drought, and have very few insect problems (talk about weathering the storm). Growing snake plants from cuttings is relatively easy, plus it doesn’t come with the excessive nagging that your actual mother-in-law might bring with her when she visits. So yet another excellent option for chronic under-waterers.

Still not feeling confident? Even if the gift of a green thumb wasn’t given to you, there is still hope! Let Leafscape help you make your indoor spaces a little greener. As a full-service plant provider, we can help you choose the best plants for your home or office space and provide ongoing guaranteed care (so you don’t have to). Contact us HERE today!