New Plants for 2018!

We don’t pick favorites between plants. We love our tried and true plant choices, but each year we explore bringing more variety to our clients. We are always excited to offer new options to you!

Here are three new plants we are offering in 2018 that will soon become favorites for all of us.

1. Meet the millenials’ new favorite, the Pilea peperomioides.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

You may recognize this plant as a favorite from the 70’s and 80’s. Like many great things, this beloved Peperomia look-alike is coming back in style! This little beauty is easy to grow and produces often variegated, textured leaves. This plant’s unique look makes it a tiny showstopper. Hang it, put it on your counter top or in a terrarium, this versatile little plant will thrive. While this variety may not be available, there are other great options like Pilea Baby Tears, Pulea Aluminum, or Pilea Friendship. Check out these other varieties or call us and let our experts pick the perfect place for you.

2. Live on the wild side with the “Tiger’s Jaw” succulent.

Photo courtesy of Guide-to-Houseplants.com

This succulent is sure become a new favorite! The sharp spines along the edges of these speckled leaves really do look like the teeth of a tiger. The star-shaped rosettes grow close to the ground in dry, rocky terrain. A hot, sunny environment will suite them perfectly. In the fall, you may see yellow flowers bloom, especially if they get cooler temperatures as winter arrives. These beauties will be a special addition to any succulent garden.

3. Discover rarities like the Sansevieria “Lancia.”

Photo courtesy of Morning Dew Tropical Plants

This plant is a very rare species, which has been honed over the last seven years by the grower. It is a variation of Sansevieria Javelin/African Spears, which is seen in its tall, spear-like leaves. It can grow to be over 4 feet tall and has very thick leaves. Hurry now – this rarity is only availably in limited quantities!

Interested in these beauties? Give our Green Team a call today and Leafscape will provide and maintain these gorgeous plants for your special indoor spaces! These unique new plants can come and go quickly, so don’t wait. Call us today!