Turn Your Special Event Green with Leafscape

The spring and summer months bring lots of special events like weddings, graduations and other family gatherings. Did you know that Leafscape offers plant rentals and installations for these exact moments?

Whether you need a centerpiece for a party, stage plants for a special ceremony or beautiful additions for an elegant event, our plant experts at Leafscape will work with you to design the perfect interior landscape.

Check out other examples of our work HERE!

So, how does it work? For event-specific plant rentals, contact us and we will talk through your plant goals. Where is your event taking place? Is there a stage or a podium? Do you want greenery around the room to soften the space or do you have a focal piece in mind? Then we can talk details and get prepared for your special event.

Our Green Team will design and install the perfect indoor plant landscape for your special event. Leafscape is your trusted provider for long- or short-term rentals. We can even help you pick out plants to keep and help you maintain them year-round.