Natural Impacts on Plant Availability

At Leafscape, we strive to offer a large variety of plants to accommodate your interior landscape dreams. There’s no limit to creativity, and providing many options helps to achieve beautiful spaces for our clients. For the next few months, we will continue to see limited availability of tropical plants as the plant industry continues to feel the ripple effects of Mother Nature and typical seasonal changes in buying.

Natural disasters, such as Hurricane Irma, which destroyed parts of Florida in September 2017, impact communities outside of the immediately damaged areas. The plant industry sees consequences for months, sometimes years, to come.

Photo courtesy of Money.CNN.com

Most of our plants come from South Florida, and the weather conditions for that state greatly impact plant growth and survival – and therefore inventory. Because of the recent storm, the Florida plant supply was immediately limited. The available plants were sold quickly as each grower faced dwindling inventory. Some plants varieties were impacted harder than others but overall there is still very limited availability.

We are currently seeing shorter plants in general. The tallest palms are topping out around 5 feet tall, and certain trees are limited in height as well. Some ficus trees, for example, are currently running at about 4 feet tall, when the typical height is 6 or 8 feet.

Also impacting the current availability is the time of year. When spring rolls around, most people feel a desire for freshness, beauty and color around them. That means more plants! This year, with the impact of the storm, we are facing the springtime increase in demand on top of the existing availability limitations from the storm.

While natural disasters and seasonal changes impact availability, this shortage of plants is only temporary.  Our team has the talent and knowledge to create a design that will thrive even with the shortages.  Our Green Team is eager to help you create the perfect indoor landscape as we head into these spring months. We are dedicated to our clients. In fact, we were recently voted the 2017 Arkansas Business Best Interior Plant Service for the 13th year in a row! Give us a call at (888) 821-5770 or fill out the contact form today and find the perfect plants for this season!