Does your office need a plant makeover?

Because our Green Team services more than 470 clients in Central Arkansas, we get to help their work spaces reflect their team’s creativity. Their offices are complete with the colors that represent their brand, impressive architecture and of course, the perfect plants to thrive in their space.

We are asking plant fans of central Arkansas to share a photo of their “ugly office,” or rather, office in dire need of plant love.

We believe that even the most beautiful offices may have air that is full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – chemicals that studies have shown contribute to employees being more prone to illnesses and therefore, more prone to feeling under the weather and taking sick days.

Air fresheners
Vinyl flooring
Upholstery fabrics
and more…
All of these things emit VOCs into our living and working environments. By bringing plants into your office to clean the air, they can help to remove those toxic compounds and therefore, help your team be the best they can be. Submit a photo of your office to our Ugly Office Contest before September 24 and you could win a plant makeover!