Three Things You Didn’t Know About Your Plants

We are the experts at bringing life to every environment in central Arkansas. Our Green Team knows the ins-and-outs of caring for indoor plants. Because every plant is different, we are also challenged to be experts at their quirks. Below, we’ve listed a few interesting things going on with your plants that you may not have known!

One gram of a plant’s soil contains more microorganisms than the number of people on Earth.

That’s a lot of microorganisms, but your plant needs every single one to be as lush as it can be. Since your plants depend on these microorganisms to be healthy, and people and animals depend on plants to be healthy, you depend on these many microorganisms too!

Plants communicate with other plants.

Plants have friends and family, and they actually treat them like friends and family by sharing food and space in harmony. In fact, if a plant is sharing a small space with a nearby plant, it will rein in its own growth to ensure they both survive.

Flowering plants use communication in order to bloom at the same time. This is a beautiful defense mechanism against animals that feast on flowers. If the plants were to slowly bloom one by one, the animals could easily pick off each flower, but by blooming all at the same time, the plants produce an overwhelming amount of flowers hungry animals can hardly put a dent in.

Your plants like the sound of your voice.

Are your plants listening to you? Not exactly, but they can feel your sound vibrations from your voice and studies have shown this can help them grow. Don’t feel the need to talk directly to your plant – the simple background noise of your conversations, music and TV playing in the background will do the trick.

The plant world is full of intriguing, surprising rituals, behaviors and activities than often go unnoticed by humans – with the exception of our Green Team, of course. Our experts know the likes, dislikes and tendencies of all our plants, and can help build the perfect environment for them to thrive in your home or office. If you’d like to learn more about which plants would work well in your space, give us a call at 888-821-5770.