Happy National Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day – Celebrating Indoor Plants!

Avid plant growers know that it is beneficial for their plants if they take advantage of the additional sunlight provided by the longer days of summer. Most just sit the plants out on the porch or maybe in a sunny windowsill but where’s the fun in that? Today, we hosted our first plant parade to celebrate National Take Your Houseplant for a Walk Day!

Besides it being a quirky and fun holiday, it also provided the opportunity for the plants to capture the much needed sunlight that they often do not get enough of indoors.

Along the parade route, we handed out small plants to anyone who passed by. At the end of the route, we donated our plants to the Ronald McDonald House in Little Rock

As you are taking your plant for a walk around your neighborhood, here are 5 plant tips to share:

Provide consistent watering
It is important to keep plant soil evenly moist and keeping them on a specific watering schedule is a helpful way to achieve this.

Water thoroughly when you do water
Make sure the soil is dry when you’re ready to water and when you do water them, make sure you water the entire root ball evenly.

Remove ugly leaves
Getting rid of the leaves that are brown or yellow keeps them looking nice and also gets rid of perfect opportunities for pest habitats.

Clean your indoor plants
While dust certainly doesn’t look very nice, it also acts as a barrier to the plant getting the light it needs to survive.

Lastly, take your plant outside
Or take it for a walk! It is healthy for them to get out outside for a bit to get more sunlight.