Living Room Transformation – Indoor plants add life to any environment

It’s no secret – décor is necessary to take any space from plain and empty to warm and inviting. From paintings to pillows, there are thousands of ways to help make a home or office cozy and comfortable. But to really bring your environment to life, plants are the ideal choice. Our team offers plant rental and maintenance – making it easy to add plants to your home of office.

Typical household décor items simply can’t match the vitality and beauty of a living, breathing plant.
• Plants grow as your family or business grows
• They enhance spaces beautifully
• They decrease stress and make our indoor spaces more comfortable

Plants even purify the air. They take air pollutants produced by synthetic materials and convert them into compounds the plant then uses to produce oxygen.

Plants help to set your home or office apart from other dull spaces. When you work with the experts on our Green Team, they will use their knowledge to help you create a unique environment your visitors are sure to remember.

If plants are missing from the environments you spend the most time in, give our Green Team at Leafscape a call at 888-821-5770. Share your vision with us, and we’ll use our extensive plant resources and design expertise to bring your space to life.