Faces of Leafscape: Meet Heather Hamby

heather with tree

Heather has always been very fond of plants. Now, as a Plant Technician and Account Manager at Leafscape, she gets to spend quality time keeping our plants beautiful while spending time with you, our amazing clients. We decided to meet up with Heather to ask her a couple of questions so you can learn more about her and the outstanding work that she does.

Question: Tell us about where you were raised and what type of education you pursued?

Heather: I was born and raised here in Little Rock, but my family lived on Wye Mountain. I had to do a bit of traveling for school and work because it was a 45-minute commute each day. However, Wye Mountain’s beauty was captivating and helped me develop my admiration for nature.

I pursued an English Education degree at a small university in Springfield, Missouri called Evangel University. I also spent some time overseas with my family in 2012.

Question: How did you end up here at Leafscape?

Heather: While overseas, I began interning at a floral shop and loved every second of it. I’ve always been a lover of nature, but this time really helped me take it a step further. I eventually moved back to Arkansas. During my first month of being home, I saw an ad in the newspaper calling for “plant people,” and that sounded right up my alley. It ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

When I was growing up, I always told people that in my dream world I was a Park Ranger or a Florist. I always thought those things were out of reach, but working at PLANTation brings both those roles together in such a perfect way!

Heather working

Question: What is your role at Leafscape? What do you love most about it?

Heather: I am a Plant Technician, which is also referred to as an Account Manager. Basically, I care for the plants that are in different businesses around town. I’m also a staff trainer for any new members of the team, and I work with ongoing quality assurance within our existing accounts.

I love my role because I get the best of both worlds. I get to work with both plants and people! It is so fun getting to know our newest recruits and teaching them all about the beauty and intricacies of the plant world!

Heather's husband and dogs

Question: What do you like to do in your free time?

Heather: What I like to do in my free time is hang out with my husband Alex and our two dogs named Gordita and Bear. I’m also very big on traveling, so I’m always planning my next adventure or spending time with my friends.  

Question: Why should someone choose Leafscape as their plant provider?

Heather: Leafscape is the best at what we do, and we are always striving for excellence. Building relationships with our customers is so important to us, which is why it is not surprising that we are the largest interiorscaping company in Arkansas. We don’t see Leafscape as just a business, we are also a partner in the community. Ultimately, we love the work that we do to keep Arkansas’ plant life beautiful, and it shows all throughout our company.

If you want to know more about our work here at Leafscape or our Green Team, check out our gallery or click here to get a free quote today. Our experts love providing excellent care to both our plants and our clients. Say hi to Heather if you see her out-and-about at one of Little Rock’s local businesses, or give her a call today to ask her about what we can do to bring life to your company!