Top 5 Favorites of 2019

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2019 and thank you for offering us the opportunities to grow with you! This was a big year for us. We were able to take on new and exciting endeavors that offered fresh design opportunities and chances to challenge ourselves. We partnered with many different hotels, healthcare facilities, churches, retail establishments, restaurants, and offices, and we are very grateful to help bring life to every environment.

We’ve combined our top five favorites from 2019 here to commemorate the year!

mobile moss wall install

#1: Mobile Moss Wall

This year, we created something totally unique: a mobile moss wall. This is a special addition to our event rental offering, which made its debut at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Bridal Show this fall and also at the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas’s annual luncheon. It’s the perfect addition to serve as a focal point or space divider for any event.

Burgundy Hotel

#2: Hotel Highlights

Existing customers Burgundy Hotel and Embassy Suites in Little Rock, both completed remodels in 2019 the results are simply stunning. One new hotel customer, Embassy Suites in Jonesboro, is wrapping up its construction now and we hope to be able to share completed pictures of that beautiful space soon.

Arkansas living art

#3: Moss Walls

A fun alternative to artwork is a preserved moss wall. There are so many different ways to frame and design these pieces. Our designers love collaborating with our clients to achieve stunning results. Moss walls also help with the acoustics of the space and absorb sound, perfect for an entryway or meeting space. They are also more aesthetically pleasing than acoustic panels and create positive associations for your guests as you bring nature indoors.


#4: Centerpieces

Our event offerings continue to become more and more creative, and our centerpieces are a huge part of the fun. Plants can ground and soften tablescapes. We love creating unique designs that fit the style of any space, from trendy moss bowls or succulent dishes, to even vines or hanging plants. We can create something for every theme: whimsical, corporate, casual or formal!

Baptist Hospital Install

#5: Interiorscape Installs

Our designer Grace Evans, another fantastic 2019 addition in her own right, has a couple of favorites from 2019 we cannot forget! Some of her notable projects include installs at Fellowship Bible Church Cabot and the new Baptist/UAMS Resident Training Building in North Little Rock. She was thrilled to create calm, welcoming spaces for these clients!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to interiorscaping with plants. Did these projects make you green with envy? Fill out our online form or give our Green Team a call at (888) 821-5770 today to start planning updates or remodels for 2020!