Green Team Tips: Poinsettia Care

Holiday decor poinsettias

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and everywhere you look will be artificial holiday trees, garland and mistletoe. The Green Team at Leafscape – our plant experts – want to encourage you to step away from the artificial and invest in a live poinsettia for the holidays! Here are some tips from our Green Team member, Heather, on how to care for your poinsettia this holiday season:

Heather Leafscape

What are the most common mistakes when it comes to caring for a poinsettia?

Often people may overwater their poinsettias or expose them to the weather. Poinsettia owners should water them regularly, but never sit in water. If you pick up your poinsettia plant and it feels extremely light, and maybe its leaves have begun to droop, then it needs a good drink. Poinsettia soil should feel moist to the touch. Poinsettias should not be kept outside or near a door or window if it is too cold, or near a heater or inside vent if the heat is turned on. Exposure to extreme cold or heat can cause the leaves to freeze or burn and will ultimately shorten their lifespan.

What type of light does a poinsettia need?

Poinsettias are great indoor plants, and only need a medium amount of light! Placing them near – but not right next to – a window or overhead light provides the plant with a healthy amount of light without exposing it to harsh temperatures.

poinsettia plant office

What does a healthy poinsettia look like?

Some people may be surprised to know that not all healthy poinsettias are the bright Christmas red everyone is used to seeing. A healthy poinsettia has full, green and colored leaves ranging from the usual bright red to cream and pink. These leaves should be upright from the stem and without hard, dark edges around them.

What is the best way to style a poinsettia?

Other than keeping them away from direct cold and heat, you can style them anywhere! Poinsettias are the plant of the holiday season and their abundance has no rules! Put them in fun, festive planters in your home, or use them as a centerpiece for your holiday tablescape. Our designers are always available to help – just give us a call!

Poinsettia design office

What else do we need to know about poinsettias?

Poinsettias are very fragile! You must be very careful when transporting and handling them. If a limb breaks, it will begin to wilt within a day or two. Broken limbs need to be removed quickly, and the best way to remove them is to twist and pull them directly off of the plant.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using plants for your holiday designs. Fill out our online form or give our Green Team a call at (888) 821-5770 today to start planning your holiday plantscapes for your corporate spaces or special events.