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Understanding where our tropical plants come from is extremely important when we re-home them into your environment. Greenhouses and nurseries use many techniques to ensure quick lush growth. Once placed in its new environment, it is critical that the plant is cared for correctly to maintain a healthy appearance. Here are some things that are required when relocating a plant from the nursery to our facility and then eventually to your space:

Image courtesy of Farm Life Nursery

Nurseries always provide perfect lighting and fertilizer to achieve optimum plant growth and top quality plant stock. Our personal indoor spaces? Not so much. The most important factor to consider when caring for plants that are in transition from the nursery is to allow them to dry down before watering again. We also remove any excess granular fertilizer and do not apply additional fertilizer for a couple of months while they acclimate to their new home. During this time, their water requirement will gradually decrease over the period of a couple weeks to a month. This is due largely to the reduced light levels. Overwatering is not an obvious issue but can be very devastating to plants. It is typical for indoor plants to be over-loved and die from overwatering. Overwatering fills the airspaces in the soil and can suffocate the plant.

Image courtesy of Farm Life Nursery

Another key factor in the process of preparing plants for your indoor space is proactive pruning. Proper pruning is necessary to reducing the amount of stress a plant experiences during acclimation and all plants are evaluated for pruning needs before being delivered to their final destinations. The Green Team experts are seasoned professionals in thinning out plants before delivery which cuts down on the amount of leaf drop and yellowing that occurs once they arrive at your office.

The optimum growing conditions that plants experience at the nursery is necessary to achieve the top quality that we require and expect. Our Leafscape team then takes over and provides the ongoing care to properly prepare them for their eventual delivery to you, the customer. Not only do we prep and groom the plants ahead of time, we also provide the ongoing care of plants throughout their lives indoors. Calling Leafscape today will be the best decision you make when it comes to achieving indoor plant perfection!

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