Unique Plants offered by Leafscape

While many people enjoy the tried-and-true houseplants they know, using unique plants is an easy way to enliven your environment.

At Leafscape, we create environments that are both comfortable and welcoming. Sometimes that means creating a plantscape with familiar friends like dracaena, pothos and peace lily. On the other hand, unique plants are intriguing, and we offer a wide variety of interesting and unusual plants:

Spaghetti Strap Agave

Image courtesy of Heart of Florida

Agave is typically a high-light plant, but the spaghetti strap variety can withstand low-light levels. This unusual agave has numerous long and narrow arching leaves that develop into a thick fountain of foliage. Smaller growing and without spines, spaghetti strap gives a grassy look that is a tough to achieve in plantscapes.

Pink and Red Aglaonemas

Image courtesy of www.tipsplants.com

While aglaonemas have been around for years, the pink and red aglaonemas are relatively new to the interior plant scene. The striking red or pink tones in the leaves make this plant an exciting alternative to poinsettias during the holiday season, but also can be used year round to give a pop of color that is long lasting.


Image courtesy of Morning Dew Tropical Plants

A member of the Araceae family along with the commonly known exterior elephant ear plant, there are several varieties of Alocasia that work well indoors that are readily available. Alocasia are grown for their unique foliage that are arrowhead or shield shaped and several varieties have the contrasting vein characteristic like the Alocas ia Amazonica.

Tillandsia Xerographica

Image courtesy of www.airplantcity.com

Tillandsia xerographica is a species of bromeliad that is native to southern Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Commonly called “air plants,” these are so unique that they do not require soil to grow. You may have seen these plants around lately – they have become a favorite with interior designers and landscapers across the country.

These unique plants, among others, can be found in many of the locations that Leafscape maintains. Not only do these interesting varieties draw interest of passers by, they also help create a comfortable and elegant ambiance to their indoor surroundings. If your office is in need of a facelift, call Leafscape today for a quote on unique plants for your business!

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