Turn Your Special Events Green with Leafscape

Did you know we do special events, too? In addition to indoor and exterior plantscapes for offices and homes, our Green Team is your event décor go-to to make any big day extra special. Case studies have concluded that nature lowers your pulse by 6 percent, lowers stress hormones by 15 percent and even lowers your blood pressure. Take the stress down and amp up the fun with the perfect living art for your next special event.

Symposium image

Here are some little-known facts about our amazing special event services:

  1. We do long- and short- term plant rentals!

Do you only need plants for a two-hour event? We do plant rentals for the day and offer many options for designs. We will also work to advise you on the best options to fill or fit a space, and are happy to do a site visit and make recommendations. Fill out our online form and our team will follow up with you to get more details.

2. We deliver!

Take something off of your to-do list and let our team bring the green to you! Our plant service experts will work with your schedule to bring your design to you in plenty of time for your big event. We’ll come back when it’s over and make sure our babies make it home safely, too. Since we’re local, we have most likely served an event in that space before and can help you think outside of the box!

Ceremony Image

3. We do centerpieces!

Make your centerpiece pop with bright colors and bring life to the space. We can even help create living table markers and place card holders to help your event stand out. In addition to centerpieces, our team can design aisle plants and arrangements for other spaces, such as food or display tables.

4. We do party favors!

Small plants make for memorable party favors at any event. We offer a variety of small plants that can give your guests the gift of life! Do something different and re-think your party favors with our designers. We can fit your theme and budget.

7. There’s more to come!

We’re not done! In fall 2019, we’ll be announcing an exciting new addition to our event offerings. Stay tuned – our team is constantly innovating to bring new, creative solutions for your event needs.

Weddings, ceremonies, trade shows, graduations, showers, fundraisers… we can do it all! We offer more than just ferns on a stage. Our team is here to support your vision or help you dream up the perfect look.  Not sure what you need? Fill out our online form or give our Green Team a call at (888) 821-5770. Our dedicated plant professionals will talk through your decision and help design, install and maintain the perfect plantscape for your event.