The Plants with the Best Personalities

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2019 has been the year of succulents. These quirky plants have taken Pinterest and Instagram by storm. Whether it’s a tiny cactus in a cute Aztec-patterned planter or a string-of-pearl plant flowing from a hanging macrame pot, let’s face it — we can’t get away from succulents, and honestly, we don’t want to! But what makes these quirky plants so well sought-after? It’s because succulents are so diverse, each one has a different personality, and the possibilities are endless!

We also know that sometimes people who purchase these versatile pieces of greenery don’t necessarily know how to care for them when they get home. We know that you have questions and the Green Team is here to answer!

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What is a succulent?

Although plant experts tend to disagree on which plants are “truly” succulents, generally they are described as plants that retain water in their leaves, pads and/or stems and are native to arid climates. Some of the most popular succulents include cacti and aloe vera plants.

How do you take care of a succulent?

The main reason so many people like succulents is the ease of plant care! These peculiar plants do very well in most high-light environments and don’t need to be watered or fertilized frequently.

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Which kind of succulent is right for you?

Because succulents are so similar, the best way to choose the “right” succulent for you depends on you. Succulents are the plants with the best personalities and there is one to match all different kinds of people, personalities and lifestyles. Your friend might opt for a small cactus in a tiny red clay planter or desire a zebra plant in a pink vase.

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Speaking of personalities, if you are looking for a succulent to read your horoscope with, check out this fun post about which succulent aligns with your zodiac sign. If you love the look of roses, but don’t necessarily have the time or space for a rose bush, check out Greenovia dodrentalis (a.k.a. The “rose” succulents), as an alternative.

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Succulents can be a great addition to your home and also make great gifts! No matter if you want it for your office, your home or your wedding, the Green Team at Leafscape can find you the best options for any occasion. Want to be in the know about all things succulents and other great services and offerings from the Green Team? Sign up for the Leafscape e-newsletter here.