Get Wedding Ready with Leafscape!

The two most popular months of the year for weddings are September and October. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you know that the Green Team at Leafscape works magic at special events with beautiful plants, but did you know that we also use our green thumbs for weddings, too? Keep reading for some ideas on how to get wedding-ready with Leafscape for your fall wedding.

The use of plants and other flower alternatives has really blossomed (no pun intended 😉) and become a popular wedding trend. Not only is using greenery often a cost-effective option, but it also complements your unique wedding theme.

  • Plant Rentals

The Green Team are experts when it comes to incorporating special planters to achieve your desired look.

arbor decoration

Whether it is beautiful plants adorning a bespoke archway for the altar, lining the aisle you will walk down, or potted plants and trees bringing life to your space, we can do it all here at Leafscape.

  • Specialty Centerpieces and Wedding Favors

You can use plants for a lot of different things at your wedding, including centerpieces and wedding favors.

centerpiece succulents

For example, potted succulents provide a desert chic vibe, sheets of moss add texture to your tablescape and terrariums customize the look of your centerpieces. The possibilities are endless!

When thinking about creative wedding favors as a “thank you” for attending your big day, you can’t go wrong with a small potted succulent or sapling. You can even include seeds from your wedding flowers or plants with tags that read “Love Grows.”

  • Mobile Moss Wall

Embrace nature by incorporating a mobile moss wall into your decor and event space! Yes, you heard us correctly, the Green Team has a totally mobile moss wall that travels from event to event. The moss wall enhances each space where it is placed.

mobile moss wall

Furthermore, the mobile moss wall is perfect for photo backdrops. It can also be used as a divider between the ceremony and reception spaces. It’s brand new and ready to help set your special day apart from the rest.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using plants and Leafscape for your wedding. Are you ready party with Leafscape? Fill out our online form or give our Green Team a call at (888) 821-5770 today to start planning your big day with us!