Unique Plantscapes from Leafscape

A blank slate in an office is our favorite thing at Leafscape. When a client calls and asks for our help in designing a space – whether it’s a home or office – our creative minds go wild exploring beautiful, unique options to bring life to the area.

We wanted to take this moment to highlight a few of our favorite plantscapes so that you might be inspired to envision your blank slates in new and fresh ways. Dream with us and see what our plant experts can do.

Hallway Happiness:
Don’t forget about living art for those empty hallway walls. Your workplace will come to life with a special living wall or moss wall piece, like the ones pictured above. Varying sizes and coloring adds energy to this plantscape and vibrancy to any space. Show your clients that you are creative and think outside of the box. Greenery in workplaces is also shown to increase employee productivity as well!

Daring Design:
Unique spaces can also lend themselves to creative solutions. You may see an awkward space to fill in your home or office and find it a problem area in your decorating, but we see a chance to dream up something beautiful. The space pictured above is in a client’s lobby area, which was a rather large space with multiple separated spaces designed for smaller sitting areas. With a touch of green in all the right places, we were able to create a space that maintained the light, natural feel while staying cozy and comfortable.

Personal Touch:
Your logo represents your business. Why not make it stand out? Just think of us as having “green-colored glasses on,” because we see everything in green! We love to be inventive when it comes to creating unique plantscapes that show off your style or business in a special way. A custom design, such as the logo shown above, will demonstrate attention to detail to your clients and a fresh energy.

We want to bring life to your spaces! Give our Green Team a call today at 501-821-5770 and explore how we can design creative, beautiful plantscapes for your spaces. But don’t just take our word for it! Click here to read testimonials from our amazing customers and hear about the great service our team provides everyday.