Why do we Celebrate the Holidays with Plants?

Whether it’s mistletoe, holly or bright poinsettias, the holiday season has long been celebrated with various plants. Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas inspire many to give gifts and decorate their homes and offices, and many times these gifts and decorations include plants.

According to History.com, the poinsettia plant was named for Joel R. Poinsett, who brought the plant back with him from Mexico in 1828. The plant’s red and green colors seemed appropriate for the newly established Christmas holiday and in 1870, New York stores began to sell them at Christmastime. The poinsettia began to be recognized as a symbol of the holiday by 1900 in America.

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Historically, the Celts and Teutonic people thought that mistletoe had magical powers and would hang them in their doorways. Loosely associated with the belief that mistletoe increased fertility, the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe began during the Victorian era and still continues today.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

During the cold winter months, bright plants and poinsettias are often seen as a way to bring life to a space. That’s what we love to do at Leafscape! Whether you are considering buying a plant for your own space, or giving it away as a gift for a friend or client, the Green Team at Leafscape guarantees to keep your poinsettias healthy through the holidays. Check décor off of your list and enjoy the holidays with peace of mind.

Visit our holiday services page and download the poinsettia order form today! Our Green Team loves to collaborate and design magical spaces for your holiday displays. Order your poinsettias today and have them delivered to your door or directly to your client, family or friend! Click here to read testimonials from our amazing customers and hear about the great service our team provides every day.

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